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Academic users are not the same as the general public. I am using QGIS 2. I forgot about Knoppix, that friend of the lost hard drive.

Therefore it is less likely to include spyware modules designed to allow governmental or other agencies a view into your machine.

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Why can't people see that the important thing is not such trite considerations as power concentration? It provides a command line interface for solving linear and non linear problems numerically, and for performing other numerical experiments using a language that is similar to that used by Matlab. There are a few software packages that allow you to build your own virtual environment fitting your needs. I'm not the person to argue on technical developments since the release of mysql, but I am sometimes in meetings with coders and get to know their preferences, and some background.

A revolution may be on the brink. It happens that I spend two days every week working at the Concrete Dams department of the Laboratory, and having the forum a high geographic content I couldn't miss it. Almost everyone takes photos now and does some basic editing, almost everyone has a music collection, more and more people are making videos or doing basic web editing.

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Aside from the fact that MS's need to create a monopoly created this space, this has nothing to do with MS itself. This option is more for advanced users even though it can be really easy if you have a free hard drive , but provides an experience closer to the real thing.

The thing is, for ease of use you do not just need developers. I don't belong to any tribe, I'm just a basic user who doesn't need the specialist stuff you're familiar with. But commercial software is posing problems today that are beyond any ideological stance. This is a big problem for the Public Administration, that in some cases has stranded itself by requiring information from citizens in proprietary formats.

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There isn't a great deal room for nuance in an approach like that, and certainly once you start arguing that what happens in practice is less important than principle you may be running headlong into one or two minor consistency issues. There are millions of folk using and developing open source software around the world, you will always be able to find a forum or mail list where you can ask for help or share your experience.

I don't use the software you do, so I simply can't comment on that. My own experience with debugging of OS software is in total contrast to your simplistic characterization. Most of the production companies, facilities and agencies I work with, and share files with, use a standardized software set. This is weird.

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Just open your mind. Sometimes they're even condescending and dismissive of users who aren't part of the community of experts who understand how to compile and edit the software for their own use.

This means stability and consistency don't happen, and there's no real interest in keeping non-geek users on board. Until a software system - application or OS - provides overwhelmingly superior advantages for a user it's not worth it for them to spend the time required to learn a new system.

This is a big difference between open and commercial software: