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However, the red Mercedes engine does not fit the original bodywork, as it is a newer version. Car Batteries and Ignitions. The new or rebuilt switch should slide easily back into its hole on the steering column. They are being removed and stripped for further treatment, restoration and painting.

We have removed them one by one simultaneously recording the wiring circuit scheme. I did mine! Now, when I have to do work on the upper central dash related to the radio, switches, cables, bulbs etc, I can start the above instructable at the point of removal of the fuse cover, leaving everything below the radio untouched.

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Would appreciate hearing experiences. Not enough room. There are 2 types and one works better than the other, I can't remember which one but I am sure it is the more expensive stuff. Step 11 Carefully separate the edges of the base enclosure from the top cover Last edited by MBGraham; at Engine temperature gauge connection with the indicator.

Removing a Dashboard - How to Remove a Buick Century Dashboard

Attached Thumbnails. Flag as Did this article help you? Do not remove a component from its protective packaging until you are ready to install it. Heating system inlet to the passenger compartment is clearly visible.

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The rubber parts have split and must be replaced. Servicing internal components increases the risk of damaging the computer which might not be covered under warranty.

Yes, but keep in mind that the computer might need to be reprogrammed, depending on the model. Here it is not so. Post cleaned up and Move to the How-To section. Once the old switch is out, you can slide the new or rebuilt one into the hole on the steering column and reassemble the dashboard. Neither were the carburettors nor the intake manifold present in the engine given together with the black MB SL.


A closer inspection and stripping the bodywork revealed a litany of hidden faults. Privacy Policy. User Name: After you get the instrument hood off, if you need to go further, it shouldn't be a problem as all remaining fasteners are pretty obvious and easy to figure out.

New Floor: There are likely a number of plastic trim pieces between you and the ignition switch. Here and there corrosion is noticeable. Not Helpful 4 Helpful How to disassemble the dash on a Previa The control cables just feed in from the end not pushed in from top!