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The level of stimulation needed, however, to reach the threshold of excitation is increased. Views Read Edit View history. Answered by Caroline W. Such vortices can be a mechanism of life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias.

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Return to main tutorial page. Pearson Education. The Journal of Sexual Medicine. This hyperpolarization can inhibit the propagation of an action potential down the axon if the AP is triggered within the 30 millisecond duration of these events.

For a short period after the passage of an impulse, the threshold for stimulation is raised, such that if a nerve is stimulated twice in quick succession, it may not respond to the second stimulus. These transitory changes make it harder for the axon to produce subsequent action potentials during this interval, which is called the refractory period. Find sources: Image-Mapped Tutorial Part 2: During the absolute refractory period, a new action potential cannot be elicited.

Annual Review of Physiology, 60 , From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing, 37 2 , Journal of Physiology, 93 4 , Resources for relative refractory period.

It has not been approved for treating sexual dysfunction. These experiments verified the recent discovery of dendritic action potentials AP's , and compared these transient events with the better understood axonal action potentials. Current Opinions in Neurobiology, 7 3 , This recent work has the advantage of extending our previous understanding of action potential propagation based on animal data as described in your text to the human system itself.

Axons as computing devices: Next question: For men, the penis becomes flaccid again and he goes through a refractory period.

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Answered by Lily M. In the above experimental recording, the nerve was crushed between the proximal recording electrodes. During the relative refractory period, a new action potential can be elicited under the correct circumstances.

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