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February Key language from HB reads ,. Show Comments. The purpose of those amendments is to update the requirements relating to surface and drilling activities, as well as clean-up requirements, for conventional and unconventional wells.

Fri, Sep 30, It doesn't work that way. Containment must be sufficiently impervious.

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However, in creating efficiency and uniformity, ACT 13 trampled the rights of private land owners and stripped local government's power of restricting certain industrial and unwanted activities through zoning. Based on the ruling by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in Robinson IV , it is now unlikely that the implementation of these amendments will be impacted by the remaining provisions of Act On appeal back to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, in Robinson IV , the court agreed that sections and were not severable.

No industry is supposed to get special treatment according to the state constitution. Chapter 23 created what is commonly referred to as the "impact fee" which must be paid by the gas company.

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Commonwealth , No. They called the plaintiffs "seven selfish towns" twice in one paragraph and blamed the ruling on "four left-wing Democrat judges.

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Act 13 increased requirements for water supply protection, setback requirements regarding unconventional gas development, and bactrimsale general environmental protection standards throughout the state.

But we can't do it alone. The goal of Act 13 was to increase regulation to reduce the risk of environmental issues while increasing potential penalties for oil and gas companies that did not follow regulatory guidelines. Section stated that Act 13 applied retroactively and gave municipalities a certain amount of time to take necessary actions to bring existing ordinances into compliance.

Days later, Republican Gov. The Supreme Court also struck down section Home Subscribe Donate. Time is running out for the oil and gas industry, and they know it. If the commission, Commonwealth Court or the Supreme Court issues an order that a local ordinance violates the MPC, this chapter or Chapter 32 relating to development , the municipality enacting or enforcing the local ordinance shall be immediately ineligible to receive any funds collected under Chapter 23 relating to unconventional gas well fee.

In addressing the constitutionality of Sections