Question 110 (The Impossible Quiz)

On your way to the South end, you'll have to spawn vines to proceed: After giving five of them to Alyssa, a scene will trigger; then you will get the Vagabond Artefact , and a story marker will appear on your in-game map, in correspondence of the Gate it can open.

Entropy Board. Promise Keeper 21 Although you shouldn't be able to use Mog's abilities, you can use Moogle Hunt near the spot I've marked with a "?

3. Story walkthrough - Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough

For each requested map, you will receive the Fragment "Travel Guide: At one point, you will be heading North, in a very large area; once you reach the North, you will pass by a Chocolina's Shop: It might also be worth anticipating you that there will be three more Green Cacti Statues like this , but only after the main story events have been cleared.

By the way, don't be concerned about the " X " in the date of Yaschas Massif I just wrote: In this final fight there will be three opponents, but one of them will come out only after defeating the other two.

Map of the area - The complete map of this area is obtained in-game from a treasure. The game supposes that you visit the former first, and then the latter, but you may want to go to the Sunleth Waterscape first, so you can get the Moogle Throw ability.

This walkthrough will cover everything you need to know to get through the game: Map of the area updated Note: Keep going West on another T-shaped platform, and let it bring you from East to North, where you will reach another solid platform. Puzzles and Memory Games In other languages: Cookies make wikiHow better. Chaos Rings WP Guide.

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You have two possible destinations now: If you take a look at the map, it will be easy to identify your two next destinations: The enemy contained in a distortion isn't revealed until it's engaged in a fight 'though it's always the same; always a Tonberry, here.

Sometimes, you'll need to ignore the answers. Dark Souls II Guide. The path will be cleared as you proceed; don't worry about the treasures at first, you'll get them later. Given this assumption, let's take a look at other possibilities which involved the numbers that we just discarded F and A: You can now unlock the Paradox Scope Fragment Skill you need to head for the Mystic to activate this one, like any other , which gives you access too many "Paradox Endings".

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough

The other one, Academia - AF, is your next destination. Shannon is standing just West of the stairs where you had the first Live Trigger with your old friend. You can complete another set of Quizs for some more Fragments.

If you, for any reason, want to replay it, you need to Close Gate the place where you accessed it Yaschas Massif - 01X AF , replay the story events, and come back here again. Help us fix it by posting in its Walkthrough Thread. He can summon three "tentacles" Vaballathus which can all attack.