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She was abducted! Someone please pass me the Cranberry Sauce. I want a girl who can teach me things, hip me to the finer side of life. Good evening, Chris. I can never remember. Under the Cherry Moon is the finest movie Prince ever directed and if you've seen the abysmal Graffiti Bridge, you know what I mean , and the fact that he took over from Mary Lambert who went on to direct the ludicrously bad Pet Sematary at the last minute, further proves my point.

Let me start by clarifying the following: Looks like it's diamond-hunting season on the Riviera.

I'm not giving it to you. He's just a baby. For a couple of hours. He's especially good when playing opposite Jerome Benton, one of his Time proteges, and, for the purposes of this film at least, a member of The Revolution. As a result it can look a little flat, although the Paris filming is pleasant on the eye. Afraid to die? I am your painting.

Mary doesn't like you, she likes me. Shall we? Except it was not in the 30s! Sort by: For example, do you love me? Come on, say it.

I need this car. Don't take it personally. He refused to tour for the album, or feature his image on the cover, or release any preceding singles or music videos. She seems awfully hungry.

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Christopher, run! Give me a hug. Personally, I think it was better than 'Purple Rain', which probably was only as successful as it was due to the concert footage.