25 tips for getting the most out of the new Gmail features

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I mean total input, counting from the day the account joined as new. You can, however, disable it in the Gmail mobile app by looking in the account-specific section of the app's settings. However, I don't know enough about physics to actually be able to know how to do the calculation.

And if you don't want your Facebook account linked to other accounts on the internet, luckily, there are steps to take to disconnect both Netflix and Spotify accounts from the social media site. Gmail has been successfully used in major phishing attacks in the past, targeting users with links to malicious content. This tells me there are two things to consider: If something doesn't require any action on your behalf, archive it immediately.

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Sure, Google's updated email interface has plenty of polish and some noteworthy new elements. In , it started caching all the images that go through its system. While reading a message or selecting from the inbox, click the Archive button at the top the file box with the down arrow , and the messages are stored by Gmail.

Remember Gmail Labs?

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I'm waiting for a 3rd party one. Click the More drop-down menu—that's the down arrow next to the Reply button on a message on the desktop—and select Block [Username]. Perhaps the greatest irony of all is that the current best iOS email program is Microsoft Outlook for iPhone , which does a great job working with Gmail accounts.

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Also, be warned, sometimes the best of them get killed without warning. You'll probably see a line there labeled "Reminders.

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Snoozing is one of the most useful tools to make its way into the new Gmail. Note, the categories only affect messages in the inbox—not what's already archived. Sometimes, you might stay signed in when you don't mean to on, say, a public computer , or worse, suspect someone of using your account behind your back. For example, every month or 6 months, or whatever interval you like check all accounts new in that interval, if they have zero total read time, no visits, no posts, etc just delete them outright.

25 tips for getting the most out of the new Gmail features Computerworld

If users want to go the extra mile, they can remove all of the apps that they've given access to from their Spotify account. You may see more depending on what you've done to expand the storage. Also be nice to mass move users into a group. Work with them while creating your own filters, and you may never have to manually label a message again.

I appreciate you trying to keep this on track. Current Job Listings. If you want everything under that label, visible on the page or not, check the box and look for the link at the top of the results that says "Select all X conversations in 'Label.

How to delete your Plenty of Fish account

Sign up using Email and Password. Stop typing so much, especially the same message over and over. You can't beat Gmail for searching and sorting messages.