Will Android Open The Set-Top Box?

Andago is very pleased to join the Open Handset Alliance. An interesting question and answer from the Android FAQ:. Network Computing. Text format Comments Plain text. Taking the same example of the manufacturer's individual UI layers, it's also interesting to note that most of these notably the Sense UI , have been made without pushing the code back to the Alliance. Battery Safety: Current Job Listings.

AKM Semiconductor, Inc. While it's true to say some of these UIs aren't as successful as others Hello Moto , it does rather betray the united front of using one OS. You obviously need more than a brilliant operating system to create the perfect phone though, which is why various areas of the mobile world joined together to create the Open Handset Alliance.

Cardboard Daydream. I don't think the entire story is out there yet. Enterprise Mobility Management. Unfortunately, the MythTV system is now relegated to secondary use along with the other recorders because of the transition to digital broadcasts. The Sidekick has been sold by T-Mobile for a number of years and provides the youth segment years old with a friendly but totally closed system.

One of the key points of the Open Source Project an intrinsic part of the Alliance and what it stands for is that code can be modified and then shared with others. This isn't just an operating system - the Linux-based Android platform also consists of a "middleware" layer to make it easier to write applications and have them work with each other. If you look at the OHA as Google's own private assembly of compliant companies, recent events start to make a little more sense. Mobile phones.

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Facebook is ready to fight back against anti-vaxxers 94 Comments. While in the idea of an alliance was a good one, it now seems to be more of a shell, just being held up as one big force that can compete with the likes of Apple and RIM; the members of the alliance on their own would just be little fish.

If you take a look at the OHA website, it's all about Android. Bouygues Telecom [16]. The speed and cost of internet around the world 46 Comments. Load More. With 22 other OEMs in the Open Handset Alliance, and very few of them with terribly successful Android devices, I doubt this standoff with Acer will be the last time we see Google's forceful influence.

Google's motivation is probably twofold - one is to challenge arch-rival Microsoft and to a lesser extent, Nokia in the mobile operating system arena.

As long as it follows the standards, and passes their tests, you are in. Full browser? An interesting question and answer from the Android FAQ: Electronic Design brought to you by. Big Data Analytics. Software as a Service. The other is to create a platform that Google can easily build its own ad-supported applications on - essentially as we thought when the rumours first started.