Cocktail came, some tapas orders placed. After being seated we waited 13 minutes before someone brought us water. Tiny boiled potatoes were brought out first alone, not accompanied by another dish -- we waited a while for the other 2 to come , with absolutely no seasons on them -- they were accompanied by 2 sauces, which were good, but I would have expected more to be done with the potatoes. I really enjoyed this place and will add it to my regular haunts when I am in D. Lively atmosphere.

Can't wait until next time. The 9 year old declared it his new favorite restaurant. Make sure to make a reservation or you will have to wait! We reviewed the Restaurant Week menu and determined that it was too much food for us, so we ordered off the regular menu. We were visiting the Smithsonian. He was very apologetic and said he couldn't but would go and find our waitress. A 'chic' place with incredible and interesting food.

She was abrupt and frankly we felt that we were annoying her by asking menu questions etc. Excellent food and service. The ambiance was lively, but not too loud.

A classic Spanish custard with 'espuma' of Catalan cream and oranges; Helados y sorbetes caseros con 'carquinyolis': My fifth or sixth time at Jaleo, DC over the years. Have been half a dozen times and never disappointed. Loved the ambiance and decor. Extensive wine list to choose from. If we didn't live 5 hours away in NYC we would eat here often!!

It is not that and won't be. We vote for Jose! Excellent informative service on what to drink and eat. The food was good, but the service was somewhat slow.

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Fun and lively decor with creative decorations. Their sister restaurant Oyamel across the street is much better. Always enjoy visits to Jaleo. From the time we arrived the experience was fun. The chorizo with mashed potatoes were good, the snapper with mashed potatoes was a VERY small portion, and overly salty.

Go now. I would give this place 6 stars out of possible 5! Every bite was delicious. I think my expectations for the food may have been too high.

Unbelievable lunch deal. Prices are a bit high but the food is excellent and most dishes are easily sharable. The food was delicious -- so many great choices. Prices were reasonable -- not cheap but a good value for the quality.