Finding her in the first place is luck, because unlike other enemies she doesn't move. Optional Then kill a Mechanical boss to get the Steampunker to spawn so you can buy clentaminators and solution.

An end game character is both much more durable than the average mortal and fully capable of wielding weapons and magics that are nearly cosmic in scope.

Many players exploit this by walling themselves off underneath a shallow lava pit and waiting out the invasion as the pirates wade into the lava and kill themselves. Blood Zombies are tougher, faster, and more powerful versions of the regular zombie that only spawn during a blood moon.

Hallowed Be Thy Name Achievement in Terraria

Through enhancing their vitality with Crystal Hearts and Life Fruits, they can permanently increase their health four-fold, to the point that they can shrug off some of the more lethal attacks.

Flying Saucer: A meta-example: Weak, but Skilled: They look like a humanoid wolf like the other werewolves in the game, except they have brown fur instead of the others blue-ish grey fur. Gillman Mothron: Pygmy minions that are summoned from the Pygmy Staff, which is one of the items Plantera might drop upon defeat. You spend a lot of time battling skeletons in the game so here's a list of them: Mothron is counted as a normal enemy, but it has nearly boss-level health, a powerful dash attack, and can spawn eggs that hatch into smaller versions of itself.

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Nice Hat: Made more obvious in the "Deceiver of Fools" achievement image. The idea behind this event.

As the weakest minion, fighting just about anything stronger than a zombie goes like this. Weaksauce Weakness: Fish People: Required Party Member: They come in all different colors and sizes such as green, blue, red, purple, yellow, black slimes that inflict darkness reduced light vision , mother slimes and their baby slimes , Pinky , Jungle Slimes , Dungeon Slimes that drop keys instead of gel, Lava Slimes that turn into lava in Expert Mode, and The Slime King.

The Frost Moon. Our Werewolves Are Different: This is the fastest and most efficient way to get this achievement.