A little know how about cheek piercing

Studs in that size range may only be available in stainless steel or titanium, so you'll need to chew carefully during the healing process to avoid chomping down on one of your dimple piercing barbells and cracking a tooth.

You take care of a cheek piercing in the same way you would clean a medusa, monroe, or other lip piercing. Do NOT change your jewelry prematurely. I also have the long bars and there is no more room on the bar cause my cheek is so fat.

Once the pressure is off your piercings, you should ramp up your cheek piercing aftercare regime the same way as we recommend in our Infected Cheek Piercings section. You absolutely must avoid these things during the cheek piercing healing process to minimize your chances of developing an infection.

Ana Valdez 11 November at You may feel like you're safe as early as a week after getting pierced, but swelling can recur at any time during the cheek piercing healing process, usually without warning. If you can't get the swelling down quickly or sufficiently enough to remove the pressure your jewelry is putting on your healing fistulas, then visit your piercer ASAP.

The right material for the jewelry The most common materials used for making jewelry for dimple piercing are pure gold, silver, stainless steel, tungsten and titanium. When I took them out I still had a teenie lil scar like a dot and I really didn't have a dimple without the piercing, it went away.

Immediately after getting cheek piercings, you should do the following: Okay so i have 2 questions 1 if i remove them will the hole completly heal and ima still have permanent dimples and 2 do you think numbing gel would help? Wikimedia Commons has media related to Cheek piercings. Rare Candy 15 July at Alcohol can dry out healing piercings and delay the healing process, so it's best not to swish your mouth with anything but alcohol free mouthwash during the first 12 weeks after getting pierced, if not longer.

This results into the migration of the pierced area wherein the pierced spots gets drifted to some other location, pulling the jewelry along. Ritual cheek piercings were and are common throughout the world in both primitive and modern cultures. Is that true? Throw the pad away and repeat the process with a new one. I have pierced many of my own piercings, and most oral piercings can be re done as long as you let them completely heal before you try.

One, if you can check my photos on my profile can you tell me if I have the right face for getting dimple piercings?

Cheek Piercing - Aftercare

I've had mine around nearly 3 weeks.. Microdermals are like a 'one hole' piercing, where the 'foot' of the jewelry sits below the skin and the decorative jewel or flat disc is above the skin.

Lymph excreted inside your mouth will stay wet rather than drying into crusties; you can swish it away easily using an alcohol free mouthwash. When you find a piercer who can both show you that they've successfully performed cheek piercings and discuss the process with you in an educated manner, you've found a winner. When properly placed by an experienced professional many things can be avoided. Ask your piercer and if that dissent help they do have this new plastic disk it is small and you put it on your piercings when you do get those bumps and it does help.

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Dimple piercing is the latest fad of the buzz town! Coraima Luna 17 July at I have a point in time an had to remove them cause unfortunately the piercer, pierced them wrong. Cynthia Pinegar 12 January at As the jewelry is pierced, a mild nerve damage occurs which leads to development of man-made dimples on both the two cheeks.

Views Read Edit View history. Never add tea tree oil to your sea salt mouthwash ; it's intended for external use only. Since cheek piercings are external piercings with an oral side, you'll have to perform oral and external piercing aftercare. Im still a bit swollen, but nothing compared to how I was.