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The content attribute is the delay before the browser redirects to the new page, so here we've set it to 0 seconds. Ross Tavendale. Sign up using Email and Password. Filter results by selecting status codes, redirect types, or search for specific request URLs.

Please insert URL to check redirection. There are a number of different types of redirects. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Be sure to look for one, and read it over, before giving your information to a website.

Would love to see the order of URLs preserved in results. Keep this cheatsheet handy and always pick the right redirect for the job!

Start here, whether you're a complete beginner, an SEO expert, or a website developer. Crispen Smith. New to Search Console? These URLs can be found by analyzing the inbound links to pages on your website using services such as Majestic and Ahrefs combined with referral data from your web analytics service.

Get free cheatsheet. Below we describe two important topics you need to think about when linking.

Redirects: the ultimate reference guide to redirection

This also means that in this situation the redirect will pass page authority similarly to a redirect. I maintain a separate file that stores my redirects in a PHP array, and another one for aliases. Please enter a valid email address. You are interested in more tools, tham please visit the tools suite http: If you are using a framework, then all requests get routed through index. Permalink to comment December 22, For example, let's say you have the following URL structure:. It's best to reduce redirects whenever possible.

Or if we want to redirect every article on the blog to posts on the new website we can do so by replacing the above with the following:. Considering our specific use case we'll need to permanently move the files over to our new website, so we'll have to make a redirect instead: The redirect was brought to life to make sure the HTTP method used to make a request doesn't change when the server responds with a redirect.

In that case you can set up a rewrite rule that only runs when a certain condition the URL not containing the 'www' part of the domain name is met.

Sorry Stephen! Regular expressions regexes are a language that can be used to search within text using patterns. Aside from the strange user experience, having your website accessible to search engines through both your IP address and your domain name leads to duplicate content and should be avoided. Send feedback on Permalink to comment January 13, Pankaj Parashar.