Muslims in America: Immigrants and those born in U.S. see life differently in many ways

San Diego. She wants to bring her nearly 2-year-old son back from the Kurdish-run refugee camp where they are currently being held in Syria.

Hoda Muthana was born in New Jersey. Leaving the Caliphate The two women, a generation apart, met and befriended each other in the final pocket of the caliphate , which by January consisted of less than six square miles. They are also in touch with a lawyer who is trying to help navigate their return to North America. Mazloum is a tough, unsentimental commander, in his early 50s, with tight, curly hair and a pitted face.

Trump’s Syria decision and the Islamic State [Opinion] -

I asked Mazloum if he had ever thought, in working with his U. South Asia. Pew Research Center does not take policy positions. But the U. Nearly all the American men captured in battle have been repatriated, but it is unclear why some of the American women and their children — at least 13 known to The Times — have not been.

Oakford, 'The U. Reported US Covert Actions , The goal here, he says, is to love the Earth and each other. Encircled, the area faced severe shortages.

When Pew Research Center surveyed American Muslim adults in , the findings revealed important similarities between foreign-born and U. A Muslim family breaks fast during the month of Ramadan.

Trump’s Syria decision and the Islamic State [Opinion]

Chulov, S. Polman in six months and assumed she had been killed. She said she had recently taken an interest in nursing, and had begun corresponding with a man in Syria who used the nom de guerre Abu Aymen.

She was raised in a family that does not practice. But her lawyer, Hassan Shibly, insisted Muthana was born in the United States and had a valid passport before she joined the Islamic State in Sub-Saharan Africa. The fire, allegedly set by an arsonist who has been charged with a hate crime, caused sections of the building to collapse. Mazloum said he advised his commanders that this agreement was made by U.