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MdB Dr Gesine-Loetzsch dabei. Yet, economic successes have not been able to yield commensurate social gains. Aber China gibt sich unbeeindruckt.

But constant pressure from China has kept discussion from getting off the ground.

Der Gedenkort an dieses Ereignis soll erneuert werden. Damit war das Problem vorprogrammiert. The two flights are likely to spark further condemnation from Vietnam, which launched a formal diplomatic protest over the weekend, and the Philippines, which said it was planning to do the same.

Among the key questions is whether the U. Security was tight in Hanoi as the congress began, with 5, soldiers deployed throughout the city, along with helicopters, tanks and other equipment to ensure public order, according to the subcommittee in charge of security during the congress.

The government in Hanoi is extending the runway on one of the Spratly Islands, a disputed archipelago in the South China Sea, from to 1, meters and building new hangars, according to the U.

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He believes in increased trade and economic ties with the West to balance Vietnam's surging trade deficit with China.

The ecological catastrophe, which saw millions of fish die in central Vietnam due to improper waste disposal by a Taiwanese-wned steel factory, triggered demonstrations around the country — an unusual occurrence in Vietnam. Aber, wer bedroht denn nun eigentlich wen? On Monday 18 April, I invited President Obama to meet with me and other recently disqualified independent candidates when he travels to Vietnam in May. The country is ranked out of in Reporters Without Borders RSF 's press freedom index, scoring just one point higher than China, and only two points higher than Syria.

Activity visible on Ladd Reef in the Spratly Islands could anger Hanoi's main South China Sea rival, Beijing, which claims sovereignty over the group and most of the resource-rich sea. Sie sind das Terrornetzwerk gegen linke Entwicklungen in Westeuropa. They may be tiny — their total area is just a few square miles — but they could trigger a global confrontation. Die wichtigsten Themen: Die Delegierten der Deutschen Wirtschaft rechnen mit einem weiteren soliden Wachstum, sehen aber auch Risiken — vor allem politischer Art.

Xi pressed for stronger South China Sea response As the breaking dawn casts a red-orange rim around the horizon of the South China Sea, Vo Van Giau kneels on the front deck of the fishing boat and locks his hands behind his head. Das dauert. Congress cut military aid to Saigon by 50 percent and handcuffed the South Vietnamese military facing the communist onslaught by barring any U.

Aufschluss geben. An minute prime-time report on Vietnam Television VTV disclosed names and images of well-known dissidents and bloggers it said were trying to dupe the public and violently undermine the government, with support and funding from overseas groups.

Kim Phuc, neuf ans, figure parmi les victimes de cette erreur dramatique. Many Vietnamese think the country owes its current prosperity to northern forces.

But despite Vietnam's closed political system and censored media, Internet access is growing, with social media widely used and a proliferation of activist blogs and online comments -- often penned anonymously -- showing that many Vietnamese are keenly interested in politics and want to have a say in how the country is run.

The station will provide Southeast Asian countries with data obtained by Indian Earth observation satellites.