Idiot Plot

By Therese J. Long hours tend to generate sour attitudes. There is at least one work etiquette that we all should have, to be pleasant to those around you. It all comes down to your approach and attitude. This is the person that controls your paycheck and your future career potential. Or vice versa? The next school year evertime i would punch out and go home i was telling her to have a good weekend or bye.

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In a calm, constructive way, let these people know: Or, if they do know, they don't know how to do it right. And frankly nice people stuck in their complacent ways, who only pretend to listen, are the biggest jerks of all.

Ive had to deal with this in the past and am currently dealing…. It is a distortion of reality that can undermine our decisions and alienate our teams. First impression may be misleading sometimes.

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It may be that they're acting in an unprofessional manner or are just plain incompetent. Have you ever noticed that your co-workers tend to fall into two categories?

Top 5 Trending. We filter what we hear through our lenses of past experience and understanding. The truth is best but it does hurt in some ways and should be told considerately. It's a reminder that something could have happened since your last exchange to alter that person's viewpoint. Pause Thank you so much for your time. Its one thing for being constructively honest and assertive and another just being a jerk off.

I had one that was actually bipolar and when he didnt take his medication you could really knoew it was going to be a rollercoaster ride. I agree that something needs to be said right away about what they have said and how they say it. It makes little sense that being nice should be a business liability. Because time and time again, I hear teams and managers cite personality conflicts and incompetence as the reasons for their low productivity and dysfunction.

Retrieved on February 23, , from https: Do you have a potential news story for Inside Business? Every time a company fires a jerk, that person just might end up working for a competitor — and ruin the culture, motivation and productivity for them.

My goal is to help leaders and organizations thrive despite the circumst For example: When working with idiots, especially those in senior positions, your first task is to determine what it is they're missing.

And he did not get the job. After decades of writing and consulting, John Hoover, also known as Dr. Thanks for the tip, Gunveer. Thanks for visiting my blog. Some outwardly nice people can be jerks also.