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Emerald-Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring Harry Winston

Elizabeth Taylor. They will not take lower end jewelers items or stones who cut is less than ideal. The crown jewel in his collection was the Hope Diamond. Precious jewels appreciate in value over time, so keep in mind that buying a ring of superior quality now will ensure that your investment will increase in worth as the years go by. If you need to sell a high end ring, the auction houses will take a HW, Tiffanys, Graff rings to auction. Go through the gallery below to shop eleven beautiful engagement rings in a wide range of prices.

If you make the choice without her assistance, make sure that you can exchange the ring for a different one if she is unhappy with your selection for any reason.

Tell us as much information as possible to help us help you ie, budget, preferences, etc. One Bachelor even bought his own ring and later sold it on eBay when the relationship didn't work out.

Rule 5: Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Mary-Kate Olsen. Use several smaller diamonds instead of one large one. Do you already have an account? Do some comparison shopping online or in person. What also impressed, and surprised, me was their attitude. The new design, a departure from the traditional Harry Winston silhouette, hit stores this month so I stopped by the Fifth Avenue salon to give it a whirl.

Tips on saving money Buy a high quality diamond, but use a less expensive band. Winston Blossom Diamond Engagement Ring. Look at ways to save money. After their split, Gardinier auctioned off the ring.

It's never worth giving someone poor advice for one sale that will damage our credibility. Nicky Hilton Rothschild. Pay attention to what kind of jewelry she seems to favor. Solitaire, Emerald-Cut Engagement Ring. Scared of getting ripped off?

Lady Gaga makes history with the world's largest yellow diamond. Belle by Harry Winston, slipping on the 2-carat engagement ring. Emily Ratajkowski.