12 Gorgeous Loc Hairstyles for Spring

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Unfortunately, the only way to do this would be to remove or cut off the dreads and start over. This may cause some minor discomfort, but it shouldn't cause the hair to break. Then, clip away the surrounding hair. Posted by Ade Balogun at No comments: I have been wearing this hair do since Sunday evening.

Palm roll the dreadlock. Method 1. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 5. Dreadlocks that have been palm rolled can be pinned out of the way to keep finished locks from mixing in with those that are unfinished.

Apply a little dread wax or gel to your fingers, then take a single dreadlock and gather any loose hair between your forefinger and thumb. D click here. D makes me so so happy. Search for: My six year old son just got them last month.

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Collect your supplies. I've had them for about a year and some months, but after I started doing it that way they came out much rounder and lengthier. Position the locks for comfort while working. Dreadlocks In other languages: D and planning a preview post. Also took me only half an hour to get it done. Fortunately there's so much information out there.

How To Do Barrel Twists On Dreadlocks

Pin away unnecessary hair. Gather a towel around the base of the neck.

Some dreadlock wearers choose to skip conditioning, as it can loosen the tightness of your locks. This article was a huge help for this beginner! Flag as