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You are commenting using your WordPress. Filter by Rating: Rana, the film's production manager and casting assistant in Pakistan, who worked with the film's casting director, Harvey Woods. He focuses narrowly on that and his tunnel vision leaves him oblivious to the momentous changes around him.

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Finding her, a Sikh co-worker of Taylor's, Ranjit Kasel, takes her to his home and offers her sanctuary, introducing her to his mother, the Sardarni, and to a guest in their home, Ghan Shyam, who offers to hide McDaniel's body after the Sardarni worries that her son Ranjit will be accused of murdering the officer. She decides to get engaged to the gentle and serious Ranjit in an attempt to become assimilated in wider Indian society—since British rule is visibly on its way out—but then she realises that such a marriage would require her to give up her name and, essentially, her identity.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Share this page: While most Indians support Ghandi's non-violent approach, communist agitators led by someone known only as Davay are prepared to use violence to meet their objectives. They fear that they'll be left out when the native Indians take over the government and that leaves them both in a bind in either staying or leaving the country.

Yes No Share this Share this: The first test for Savage comes when an ammunition train is stranded just beyond the perimeter of his patrols. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Non-Pakistani Movies Filmed in Pakistan

Nightrunners of Bengal. This is a drama aflame with Love And Revolt. The film was directed by George Cukor and produced by Pandro S.

Darve Peter Illing , a Communist agitator, is also there to ensure that the peaceful demonstration does not stay peaceful for long. Victoria Jones: Patrick Taylor, also an Anglo-Indian, considers himself her boyfriend, but her feelings towards him have become ambivalent since her experience of British Army staff culture see below.

K2 - IMDb Trailer: Re-enter Password: Login with your social network: Hi, I did some research and found another Hindi movie with the same name though with slightly different spellings.

Bhowani Junction (, George Cukor)

Or, use your email account: I work for the day when India will be for the Indians, because, I too, shall we say, am a native, a wog. India produces more films than Hollywood, has quite an extensive roster of actors, surely, George Cukor could have cast Indians in those roles. The first half dealt with the prejudice toward half Indian and English by both sides.