How to Install Plastic Curtain Grommets

Is it possible to make an eyelet hole in a canopy made from polyester fabric?

How to Install Grommets: 9 Steps - wikiHow

Some manufacturers flare the grommets that are prone to backing out when you pull tension, and those used at tie off locations. Thanks for letting us know. Browse Dritz Product Categories by Activity. Cut hole with scissors. Product Overview Description.

Small parts. Help answer questions Learn more. Grommet tape: Place the setter piece over the top of the grommet and washer, aligning it with the anvil underneath the fabric. Forums New posts Search forums. Answer this question Flag as Royal Free London - 7 hours ago. Continue doing this around the entire circumference of the grommet.

Recipe Rating. What racket? You may need to adjust the width of your curtain material to do this. Slide the fabric hole over the grommet on the anvil so that the top of the grommet sticks all the way out the other side.

Nickel-plated iron grommets for canvas, plastic, leather, cotton or synthetic fabrics. Love the curtains and that fabric is to die for!!! Sharp sheet metal edges can cut you, cables, or tubing.

Or are you wondering where you can find Dritz products at retail? Co-Authored By:.

Glue ear/grommets

New moms: Additional Product Instructions: This hole needs to be just big enough to push your eyelet through. How common is glue ear? Learn more Bad move. Thanks so much! To hem your freshly made curtains, use my curtain hemming tutorial to make it quick and easy.

Metal grommets can sometimes rip out of fabrics, so applying interfacing to your fabric can help prevent this. I'll see if I can upload a picture later on.

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