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Hunting Knife Reviews: Unzipping Four Gut Hooks

Forgot Password? Some inexpensive or dulled gut hooks tend to clog with hair as they cut, making a smooth zip cut impossible. They do work but the drawback is the hook section is difficult to sharpen. Fuddmaster 4 years ago. Gut Hook Blades Buck Knives: Customers who receive promotional email do not automatically have an online account. I have a Gerber lightweight knife similar to the Swing Blade reverse curve blade just for that purpose. I Made It!

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This is the same as a gut hook except I believe the finger separates the tissues better. See below for country of origin. Don't make the blade to thin or the metal will start to fold on itself. He is a WWII veteran and lives in an assisted living Next I tried cutting the floor mats with each gut hook in turn. The blade stays sharp if cleaned and dried after each use. Table Knife.

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Gut Hook Hunting Knife Sporting Knives by Cutco

Forums Fieldandstream. Gut Hook For great performance when field dressing game, a gut or skinning hook is an ideal tool. Cutco is built to last The high-quality materials and unique production processes combine to create products that are built to last.

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Plus, access online order history. The one I use is in a knife with three blades so the gut hook is its own thing and not just on the back of the main blade. If I were better at cleaning deer I might not not find it as useful, they are probably more useful to a novice than someone who has lots of experience. While it is a very specialized tool, it does it's job perfectly, and who wouldn't love that?

Add engraving. Send Email. The K-Texture material is both textured and rubberized to provide a non-slip grip, even in extreme conditions.

Previous 1 2 template Next. The process involves opening the deer from the base of his rib cage to his anus. When you are making the handle use a fairly thick piece of wood.

Do you find that gut-hooks on knives are useful? - Field and Stream Questions and Answers

Today's Posts Member List. Some hunters prefer skinning and gutting a deer with a straight-blade knife. Merle Seguine, a custom knifemaker who popularized the gut hook back in the s, reportedly designed it to pick up a coffee pot or small pot by the ladle from the cook fire, and in fact designed some blades for that exact purpose.