Fhe printer option is particularly well thought out, with just about every feature you could ask for lo cope with the quirks of different printers.


Contact any service technician. Bonus droids are given for getting enough points; these can be positioned during a game, a hit like bringing an a substitute. The weapon is split into five pteees and there arc rwo of each piece.

Put your master disk away somewhere safe if it's really important, in a different building in casr- One bums down!

Nerjo is only a baby though, so you 'II hare to food him, protect him and change his nappy while collecting the items you need to escape.

Put simply, the mask defines how much of the background the brush wipes out and the data defines how much new colour the brush applies. Interceptor's previous games have had a COuple of major disadvantages and one big asset; lack of text, too easy, and brilliant graphics respectively. It folio ws the familiar pattern of oiher football games, but with less impressive graphics and gameplay.

The construction is strong, yet lightweight aluminum allowing it to support up to 8 lbs. I say l near -disassemblies' because there are no details of the actual source code itself. Comment Anonymously. Ask a Question Usually answered in minutes! Want Answer 0 Clicking this will make more experts see the question and we will remind you when it gets answered. Pre- sumably as a Buddhist you don't kill Others.

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However a closer look reveals more depth to the game by Derek Brewster , with lots of different objects that can be examined and used in different ways. During the two years I owned the Spectrum 1 was literally flooded with alt sorts ol mail such as software catalogues and new-product leaflets from Sin- clair Research, all of which I found interesting, Since obtain- ing my , however, I have received only one letter from Amstrad and that Was only to try to lure me into joining their user group.

If you want to program in machine code, you really need an assembler. This doesn't make the game any easier - as.

Remote Control instructions for RM-ED - Sony

I am the only AA reader in the Dolgellau area. TotaUy menu driven, the menu printed on the tablet overlay. Try doing a Dffioctory of ihs master disk.

At this point you have a choice: The modem business is another case of 'one day. These consist of a single screen On visiting the one at Atlanta you Tl discover where you need to go first. Making your way along the path isn't always easy.


As well as an avalanche of exclusive tips lor PCW owners, there's the most detailed review yet of the new Amstrad PC 1 51 2 Make sure your newsagent reserves a copy. But they've certainly broken the pattern with this latest release. Please print my name correctly if, buy a 9. Readers cart buy copies for 90p.