Epilepsy and Sleep

Prodrome Some people may experience feelings, sensations, or changes in behavior hours or days before a seizure. This is because sleep disorders and seizures, which occur at night, commonly occur without the patient's knowledge.

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When seizures recur without any obvious precipitant or cause, then a person may be considered to have epilepsy. There is no known exact cause for epilepsy but a number of factors may be at work. According to one study , parents of children with epilepsy only get 4 hours of sleep per night which is way lower the recommended minimum of 7 hours for adults , and experience higher levels of stress and decreased marital satisfaction. I have never dealt with anyone who had a seizure and I'm unsure how to go about home care.

The results indicate that epileptic children had a significantly higher rate of sleep disturbance and that their disturbed sleep is associated with greater social and attention problems and a reduced quality of life.

Daytime seizures and antiepileptic drugs AEDs like anticonvulsant can contribute to fragmented sleep and reduced sleep efficiency. If the person has a warning before they lose awareness, help them to a safe place. Make sure that they are alert, oriented and safe after the event before they are left alone.

Most of the nocturnal seizures or seizures while sleeping are tonic-clonic, however, patient can also have focal seizures during sleep. I love him so much.

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Thanks for the help in advance! One study of obese pediatric patients found that sleep apnea surgery decreased frequency of seizures or eliminated them altogether a happy outcome that occured in one-third of patients. Common symptoms after a seizure Awareness, Sensory, Emotional, or Thought Changes Slow to respond or not able to respond right away Sleepy Confused Memory loss Difficulty talking or writing Feeling fuzzy, lightlheaded, or dizzy Feeling depressed, sad, upset Scared Anxious Frustrated, embarrassed, ashamed Physical Changes May have injuries, such as bruising, cuts, broken bones, or head injury if fell during seizure May feel tired, exhausted, or sleep for minutes or hours Headache or other pain Nausea or upset stomach Thirsty General weakness or weak in one part or side of the body Urge to go to the bathroom or lose control of bowel or bladder Types of Seizures There are three major groups of seizures: We aim to raise public awareness and improve education through publications, conferences, outreach initiatives and our website.

Nocturnal seizures or seizures while sleeping can also produce some strange type of mental behaviors in a patient. Epilepsy starts in the brain, the same part of your body that regulates your sleep.

Epilepsy affects people of all ages, races, and ethnic backgrounds.

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Children need more sleep than adults. The seizure occurs in water. One seizure occurs right after another without the person regaining consciousness or coming to between seizures. Get regular sleep.

It is important that the patient follow regular sleep habits, especially patients who have sleep related seizures. For example, awareness is not affected during simple partial or myoclonic seizures. They may have temper tantrums or other destructive behaviour throughout the day. Facts and stats Seizures Living with epilepsy Treatment for epilepsy.

This prevents saliva from blocking their airway and helps the person breathe more easily. O'Neill analysed the different forms of epilepsy, including nocturnal epilepsy and its relationship with sleep.

Namespaces Article Talk. Food, liquid or pills could go into the lungs instead of the stomach if they try to drink or eat at this time. Print Email. Obesity is another risk factor for sleep apnea, and weight gain is a side effect of many AEDs individuals take to manage their seizures.

Stress is a trigger for seizures, so create a routine that relaxes your mind and body before bed. A week after i had my final dose i had a seizure and was hospitalized.