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Chatterjee D, Dey P.

The US device we used had no Doppler option. The number and location of the enlarged lymph nodes, including whether they were ipsilateral, contralateral, or bilateral with respect to the dominant lung lesion, and their short- and long-axis were documented.

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Best regards and let us know how it turns out. Mario Victor Newton,Rakesh S. However, the role of surgical removal of the supraclavicular nodes is uncertain compared with radical radiotherapy. Table 7: Study Type:. Let me discuss a few points related to your question.

Biopsy of Scalene and Supraclavicular Lymph Nodes: Value in Diagnosis

My doctor did not seem to think a biopsy was urgent but that I might want it for peace of mind. Did you had any problem or effect after removal of nodes during biopsy? Ask a Doctor Teams: Supraclavicular US may display some supraclavicular lymph nodes that do not appear distinct on CT. Initial diagnosis of lung cancer: Cytological features of adenocarcinoma Click here to view.

Supraclavicular lymph nodes

Do you think it makes sense to go for the biopsy as soon as possible, or just watch things for another month or two? The supraclavicular lymph nodes are a set of lymph nodes found just above the clavicle or collarbone, toward the hollow of the neck.

Table However, during the last 20 years, studies focused on head-neck carcinomas, esophageal carcinomas, and melanomas have found palpation of supraclavicular and head regions to be not very reliable for detection of lymph node metastasis, while noninvasive imaging modalities such as CT and US have been reported to be more sensitive than palpation [ 5 — 8 ].

FDA-regulated Drug Product: Material and Methods The records of the findings on consecutive unilateral biopsies in patients were reviewed.

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December 31, Actual Primary Completion Date: It is still pending whether to exert supraclavicular lymph node dissection to breast cancer patients with ipsilateral supraclavicular lymph node metastasis. Now im studying for the most important test of my life. Sihoe et al.