Why doesn't the tone control work for the bridge-only pickup selection on a Stratocaster?

Tone control circuit - Wikipedia

I reckon that the tone control AND the volume control issue have to do with basic passive electrical behavior. This is generally how these two caps are paired with pots: You may be looking at a capacitor and wondering what all the numbers on the back of it mean.

Check to see if Lug 3 of your new volume pot is connected to ground. The action of the Bass control is very uneven for normal taper controls. Hello Tyler, What a great post!

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Rig Rundown: Newsletter signup Name Email. Alternatively this site might help re what kind to buy: Tom Morello. Also audio taper on all tone controls.. Elaborate circuits may also use amplifiers.

Basic Electric Guitar Circuits 2: Potentiometers & Tone Capacitors

Before picking up another pedal, amp or pickup, take the time to know the potential in your potentiometers. Many people with these setups rarely use the lower numbers on their dials because of this.

What a great article. Hey Pablo, 1. This allows you to turn up your amp to get a fuller sound without increasing the gain. See Below Ex. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. What really struck me was watching Jimmy Page, my ultimate inspiration, during the Led Zeppelin O2 reunion show.

Share This: NAMM Day 3. Guitar Aficionado. Tone control is also used to adjust an audio signal during recording. It depends on the style of music you are playing the particular setup you are working with. Analog circuits Tone, EQ and filter.

Volume and Tone Knobs: Your Most Underrated Effects Reverb News

They rely on the property of capacitive reactance or inductive reactance to inhibit or enhance an AC signal, in a frequency-dependent manner. Linear Pots: As the volume is reduced, the capacitor allows high frequencies to bleed through to the output and keeps the tone from getting muddy at lower volume settings.

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