Smoke pot? No haircut -- at least if you smell like weed

If you've no garden, balcony, or shed to smoke in, you can always smoke out through a window. How to Control the Smell of Cannabis 2 Mar About half of Corral's customers had been showing up smelling like pot, which is what prompted him to post the sign about three weeks ago, he said.

Patchouli oil and incense can help freshen up your house, as will decent ventilation. This is a business not your house, thank you.

Is IHOP Not Serving Customers Who Smell Like Weed? News One

The owner refuses to serve customers who reek of pot. An artist's impression of BO that smells like weed. But two different strains with a similar terpene profile will smell alike.

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You can get some aromas in other hops, but what you're looking for is Columbus and Apollo. What type of hops smells like weed?

Probable Cause: Does the Smell of Weed Alone Create Probable Cause to Search? Manzuri Law

Some people also claim that body odor smells like cannabis in the people who smoke it. Please leave a comment and let us know how you hide the smell of weed. Hops is a relative in the plant family. Privacy Policy Terms of Service.

Why Does BO Sometimes Smell Like Weed?

About the Author: Urk Meyvn 1, Jul 2, New Jersey. And these people could have unenlightened attitudes towards cannabis users. You make a very good point about being cautious when driving in a vehicle with the odor of MJ. The smell of weed alone will no longer be enough to justify a broader search of someone's home. Different terpenes give off different odors, which is why cannabis strains can smell differently.

TriggerFingers Disciple Apr 29, California. Lighting matches or deliberately burning popcorn might mask the smell.

Some say you can get the aromas from Summit, Nugget, and Simcoe, but one batch of Columbus I recently got from Yakima Valley smelled like straight chronic. What goes into creating scents?

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Why does Tampa’s police station smell so much like weed?

Committed to strengthening our local cannabis community, Laura is passionate about excellence, the importance of family, and the benefits of cannabis. Recreationally, Skunk 1 is used to produce a relaxed, meditative, and energetic high.

It all comes down to common sense. Some of the better smelling smokes include Lemon Haze it a citrus scent and a slow creeping high , Alpha Blue a descendent of Blue Dream — offers hints of blueberry , Orange Bud smells more of clove and spice than citrus fruit , Kali Mist a strain people tend to love or hate — can elicit paranoia in those who are prone , and Northern Lights highly sedative and one of the better tasting strains.

It is also likely it will just turn your bathroom into some kind of pungent weed-sauna. Shares By Laura T There are numerous terpenes in the cannabis plant , hundreds of them.