Funny Pranks to Play at Sleepovers That'll Have You Laughing Hard

Don't hesitate to flush the toilet or use the sink. MW Mark Wisowski Jul 22, I think she hears us! While it can be difficult to wake a sleepwalker, you may need to do so if they're doing an activity that could endanger them or others.

You might try out different creepy voices to see what works best. Treatments for sleep apnea Airway pressure devices.

You could even write your message backwards to suggest that it was written from the other side of the mirror. Try Kegel exercises.

How to Safely Wake a Sleepwalker

Purchase a cardboard cutout of any movie monster — or even a celebrity. Go to "Power Options" in the Control Panel, select "Change when the computer sleeps," then set all the options to "1 minute.

Lock the person in the room and then stack up all the furniture outside the door, the next morning. If the person likes drinking coffee just make a cup and go with it in the room where the person is sleeping and sit right next to the person. Pretend there's an earthquake.

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Print out a photograph of your face and place it inside of a jar. This technique works best if it's a surprise. A person's body has difficulty adjusting to being awake after having been asleep for some time.

Yes, you could end up waking them in fear, which many don't feel too pleased about. It's time for school, and my mom is not waking up! Toga Costumes for Women. Pranks, at times, can be fun if you engage in safe prank playing.

8 Easy PC Pranks to Trick Your Friends

Open "Region and Language. Instead try to take care of your friends if they've had too much to drink. You could also take whole onions and dip them in candy apple dip. The sleepover will surely be on fire after this! Make sure your friends notice you eating more than normal especially meat and doing dog-like things.

Enable "High Contrast Mode" a display option which inverts some colors to make the screen easier to read with a quick shortcut key sequence. Adjust the temperature.

12 Funny Ways to Wake Someone Up

Be sure to turn the system's sound up to 11, then watch in amusement as your victim's computer emits some unusual audio. Follow Thought Catalog. Change the Mouse Pointer Changing the mouse's pointer icon is a subtle, but effective trick. You can find great collections of scary stories at your local library or even online. Just make sure that you place it far enough from their face that they can actually see it when they open their eyes.

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Charades Ideas for Adults. Then fill that jar with green-tinted water so it looks like your head is preserved inside.

But I definitely got to the office on time!