Be patient with your questions, and ask for additional advice by saying, "Is there anything else that I should know or be careful about? What NOT to feed baby birds: Baby birds need to be fed every minutes or so, every day for their entire period of dependence. How do you tell the difference?

The sample size is small, but contrast the survival or lack thereof of these birds with that of my marked birds that were allowed to stay with their families. See below for more information.

Guess again! SH Steve H. Get it somewhere it can eventually move off on its own. NEVER give baby songbirds water or liquids - they can inhale it and die. Many baby birds are either blown or abandoned out of the nest.

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It's actually illegal to keep and raise a wild bird. When it has feathers and flaps it's wings, let it go. However, try to avoid hand feeding as much as you can to avoid the bird becoming dependent on you. She graduated from the University of Glasgow in , and worked as a veterinary surgeon for 7 years.

Help answer questions Learn more. Jump to: Compare this amount with canned cat or dog food, and you'll see why they are not recommended. Drop the food in the baby's mouth. Call a veterinarian in your area, or get the bird to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.

What to Feed a Baby Bird for the Best Nutrition

That is, the baby will actively eat food when it is hungry. Imagine that you are a small bird. Wildlife rehabilitators have the skills and training to care for baby birds. Did this article help you? Find your closest rehabber now who handles songbirds - before the emergency occurs.

This Baby Bird Is a Mother’s Nightmare

Do not attempt to force the bird to eat or drink. Wiley Interscience. They have strong instincts to care for their young and are well equipped to do so.

The nest may have been destroyed by storms, a predator, or humans. If you can't decide whether you have a fledgling or a nestling, try letting the bird sit on your finger. Sometimes potential victims revolt. This might seem like a good thing while you are raising it, but it is definitely a BAD thing.

What to Feed a Baby Bird

To capture a sick or injured songbird, use a barrier, or try to lure it onto a porch or into a garage with food scattered on the ground, and then throw a T-shirt or pillowcase over it and gently but firmly pick it up through the cloth. And then again, they might not. Food should be offered at room temperature only, never warmed or heated, and also never refrigerated or chilled.

Fledglings have good reason to be outside the nest. May all your blues be birds!