Fever and Rash

By registering you consent to the collection and use of your information to provide the products and services you have requested from us and as described in our privacy policy and terms and conditions. Careful skin care with clean or sterile handling, moisturization with Vaseline or topical antimicrobials or topical steroids if indicated and non-stick dressings.

Chemotherapy related immune suppression Steroid use Hematologic malignancy Solid organ or bone marrow transplantation Asplenia Physical examination should focus on: Designation Statement This CE activity provides 0. Please consult a healthcare professional if you have health concerns. Clinical features Diffuse skin rash in the critically ill patient may manifest with multiple different morphologies and clinical presentations.

Hughey, LC. There are multiple causes of fever and rash. Skin peeling typically follows healing of a first degree burn or sunburn.

Desquamation - Wikipedia

Submit Feedback. Lesions may show a predilection for sites of pressure, such as elastic waist bands, under leads, or under intermittent compression devices. Desquamation of skin on hands, caused by scarlet fever infection.

The Western Journal of Medicine. C Toxic epidermal necrolysis-Stevens-Johnson syndrome Skin biopsy is diagnostic and routinely done.

The most common cause of erythroderma is an exacerbation of an underlying skin condition, and patients with primary skin disease are at risk for progression to severe flares. Feedback on: The Dermatologic Look-Alikes activity compares the cases of 2 patients, one elderly and the other pregnant, who present with itchy, tense bullae on different areas of their skin.

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Patients may develop associated edema, and sometimes can have significant joint inflammation and swelling. The lesions frequently develop a non-blanching, pinpoint, petechial component; some patients will develop frank purpura and gangrenous lesions as well, though this is rare. Ringworm Circular-shaped scaly rashes with raised border Skin in the middle of the ring appears clear and healthy, and the edges of the ring may spread outward Itchy Read full article on ringworm. Maximum Credits.

This condition is contagious and can spread to the toenails or hands…. Fluid, electroylte, and nutrition replacement and temperature control 3.

Desquamation of skin on the finger, caused by the popping of a acute paronychia. Drug ingestion within the past 30 days History of drug or food allergies Travel history Exposure to insects, arthropods, and wild animals Occupational exposures Sun exposure Immunizations in the recent past Exposure to sexually transmitted disease, including risk factors for infection with human immunodeficiency virus HIV Exposure to febrile ill persons within the recent past Pets and habits Season of the year dramatically affects the epidemiology of febrile rashes of infectious origin Cardiac abnormalities Evaluate the following, if the patient is potentially immune suppressed: Scaling skin is also called: Program Description.

Patients with severe seborrheic dermatitis may also appear erythrodermic; these patients frequently suffer from underlying immunocompromised states or neurologic disorders.

Necrotizing fasciitis, meningococcemia and Rocky spotted mountain fever are conditions in which empirical treatment should be started early during patients admission and not be delayed waiting for laboratory results. Patches of dry skin typically appear on the elbows and lower legs.

For men who live in or have traveled to an area with Zika, and have a pregnant partner they either have to use condoms correctly from start to finish, every time they have vaginal, anal, and oral sex, or do not have sex during pregnancy. Seborrheic eczema Yellow or white scaly patches that flake off Affected areas may be red, itchy, greasy, or oily Hair loss may occur in the area with the rash Read full article on seborrheic eczema.

Desquamation: Causes, Symptoms and Diagnosis

A subscription is required to access all the content in Best Practice. Symptoms and signs: AU - Nuara, Anthony A. In pathologic desquamation, such as that seen in X-linked ichthyosis , the stratum corneum becomes thicker hyperkeratosis , imparting a "dry" or scaly appearance to the skin, and instead of detaching as single cells, corneocytes are shed in clusters, forming visible scales. The skin manifestations are diffuse macular erythema, which may be more intense at the infected site; as patients improve, there is often desquamation of the palms and soles.

Graft-versus-host disease generally presents in the skin with a morbilliform picture, often starting on the head, neck, upper back and chest, and displaying a preference for acral sites.

Patients with widespread blistering eruptions or epidermal detachment are critically ill and require emergent, multidisciplinary care to diagnose and treat their cutaneous eruption.