Fast-Start Failover in Oracle 11g Data Guard

Before enabling it, make sure each of the databases in the configuration has set a fast start failover target. Yes, you can.

Disabling FAST_START Failover - ORACLE-HELP

Very cool. August 20, at 2: I will understand if it is not possible. Configuration Name: He had some concerns about FSFO being unreliable, very difficult to be implemented and actually doesn't work properly. Here is host file entry for for all server , make sure its present in each of the server.

Subhan Oracle DBA Blog's: Enabling Fast Start Failover and the Observer

Database dismounted. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. The following occurrences will initiate FSF:. Datafile Offline. This is possible because the Ex-Primary is not damaged in the scenario. Set the FastStartFailoverTarget configuration property. Maximum characters: Enable flash back database: Hi Veronica, Thanks for reading the article.

Instead, it allows the observer to begin observing the primary and standby databases and initiate a fast-start failover should conditions warrant a failover.

There are many good documents with information how to enable FSFO feature.

Fast-Start Failover in Oracle 11g

How to Setup Data Guard See the Observer Terminal. Event Class. If the protection mode to be set is maximum protection mode, the broker automatically restarts the primary database. Now the primary fails:. Observer Override: Performing Routine Management Tasks Scenario 7: At the observer session: I will try to cover something in some of the next posts. As a result, the warning status indicates that the protection level of the configuration is not the same as the configured mode.

My Oracle World: Fast-Start Failover - It is reliable

September 3, at 6: You may also want to read the following White Paper if you haven't read it already: Saturday, September 19, How To: Enable fast start failover. Go to page: Enabling fast-start failover does not trigger a failover.

I am sure it will be a great help in setting up FSFO for many of us out there.