Dirty Dancing quiz: On its 30th birthday, how well do you remember the film?

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Mostly front line sometimes middle second line. Disney Night April 21, Is your dancing style mate-worthy, or escape-worthy? March 27, A Dance Trilogy special? Dancing with the Stars Season Not really.

What dance moms girl are you?

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Party Anthems Night April 23, Do you like wearing flashy costumes? We suspect that you've just been told, no matter what your answers, that there are no blocks or barriers to you learning dance other than perhaps your own perception. Do you love musicals?

What's Your Ballet IQ? Try to guess who you will look like before you take the quiz. May 21, May 22, If you love dancing, write about it in your own words.

Well, dancing is my favourite thing, so Every time I perform. Don't steal ours. You are leaving AARP. I'll multitask! No way!

Am I a Good Dancer?

Anyone Can Danceā€¦Even at Age 80! From Nirvana to the Notorious B. Just the splits. HappyDay March 20,