Is It Possible To Become fluent in Spanish/German Using Duolingo?

I had enjoyed studying German in high school because it was practical. Duolingo is a beautiful thing based on a philosophy of free education. Getting any feedback on language learning apps tends to be restricted to whether the answer you provide is correct or not.

I think Duo does a great job with immersing you into the language enough where you know what you need help on. His smiling response: I raised one finger. Speaking dialects trains the brain in the same way as bilingualism.

Reader, I want to assure you that if I can doof my way around a foreign land on smart-phone language learning, then you surely can, as well. I definitely agree with you, Duolingo is a fantastic way to start learning a language, but no one will ever attain fluency by tapping away at a computer screen, whether it's with Duolingo, Rosetta Stone or any other program.

Cut the team some slack. Try Euronews http: I am told I'm about B2, and while I consider myself very conversational, I don't consider myself anywhere near fluent. Any idea where I might find other resources to hear or to speak to native Italian speakers? I thought about sitting in on university classes, and asking my high school teacher to tutor me. You can also try reading a wikipedia article in another language. I was worn out after having spent the week trying to have conversations with complete strangers in German, a language I had not spoken in 29 years and even then could barely do it.

There are many paths to your goal. Stephenie You teach your language and they teach you their language simultaneously.

Can you learn a language with an app? What the research says

Would you suggest listening to it in your target language and reading your native language's subtitles, or vice-versa? That was weird, I thought, but it also felt good. Or save money to make a trip if you live close enough to the country. Duggan 12 9 3 2. You knew grammar, but it took a time for you to get used with the sounds of the language. It does not require Skype, and you can jump right in with people trying to learn English.

Hi Keilarah. But i have no confidence to try to chat in German or make a sentence, just like that. When we translate "j'aime regarder les enfants jouer" into English, the most direct translation is "I like to watch the children play," but this sounds a little too literary, and a native English speaker is more likely to say something like "I like watching the kids play. NessaNessaJoy 11 11 10 5.

How "fluent" does Duolingo make you after completing the Spanish tree? My recently published research study of 4, busuu users aimed to find out more about who uses these apps, how they use them, and what they think of app-based learning.

However, I can only barely keep up with a dialogue at normal speed I can gather bits and pieces at the end of sentences. If you want to improve your turkish after duolingo then you should attend some turkish classes. The barista told me there are differences between inner Munich German and outer Munich German. Menopause and the workplace — Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. From the night clerk in Vienna, I learned to recognize the ever-so-slight, laughter-hiding smile when I said something understandable but wrong.

Language learning is really difficult to measure I think. Well, at least this is my first impression of Duolingo.