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The exhaust air quantity keeps varying according to the operation of the Kiln, clinker production, coal quality, clinker quality etc,. Over the years considerable improvements have been made in the quality of super silica bricks with minimum residual quartz and better surfaces with minimum variation.

Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. As the VFC usage is well established and reliable, no problems were faced during implementation of the project. Annual savings - Rs 0. In India, caustic soda is more in demand than chlorine.

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The schematic diagram of the modified system is shown below. Energy saving project The two Cement Mills were close circuited by installing a common O-sepa type separator. Current result in amps: The hooking up with the Kiln was done during the annual maintenance stoppage.

One of the main goals set forth in the glass vision statement is to cut the gap between theoretical and actual energy requirements by half.

A furnace may have either side or end ports that connect brick checkers to the inside of the melter. This ultimately reduces the heat recovery in the system. Additionally the following capacity upgradation measures were also implemented simultaneously. Flashback Four 2: In a glass industry, the melting process is by far the most energy intensive of the primary glassmaking processes and is responsible for the majority of energy consumption.

Kreuztal, Germany. The potential for installing VFD exists in atleast another 5 fans in say about plants.

The system operates the plant much the same way, as the best operator would do, on a continuous basis. Transportation of lye is cumbersome whereas solid form is easy to transport. Combustion analysis was carried out in Kiln. The other major revamp is needed in the brine purification section. Benefits Implementation of the above project resulted in annual saving of Benefits of the project There was a marginal increase in the output of the Kiln, reduction in pre-heater exhaust temperatures, Cooler Exhaust temperature and steady operation of the Kiln.

Most flat glass is produced with a basic soda lime formulation, a typical float glass composition. The design specifications of the vacuum pumps are: Home ground source heat pump kw. Indirect preheating The indirect preheater is in principle a cross-counter flow, plate heat exchanger, in which the material is heated indirectly.

The raw materials are weighed individually, fed to a collecting belt, and conveyed to a mixer.

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Production pattern and Growth rate of Glass Industry in India An account of the different segment of this industry is given below: Pyro-processing This is the most important step in the manufacture of cement. After this installation, the flue gas got cooled to a temperature of about oC. The Float Glass Process The basic principle of the float process is to pour the molten glass onto a bath of molten tin, and to form a ribbon with the upper and lower surfaces becoming parallel under the influence of gravity and surface tension.

The flue gas temperature from the furnace is about oC and the combustion air is heated to a temperature of oC. Energy Saving Project The plant team installed a water ring vacuum pump in place of steam ejector for the brine dechlorinating condenser.

This heat can then be used to heat radiators, underfloor or warm air heating systems and hot water in your home.