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Report Follow. Coil packs WILL fail. Get this social'd.

If the log shows the lambda jumping wildly when running through a gear, or perhaps it flat lines at an unreasonable level, then the O2 sensor should be replaced. As an aside, it took a while to find as it was one of the first things he replaced from a well known factors and the car was not much better.

Coilpacks were replaced when my engine was rebuilt I think. Check hoses and connections for loose clamps of cut hoses here are come common areas for VAC leaks. Thanks again!

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Content will be removed if CarGurus becomes aware that it violates our policies. User Name Remember Me? Like yourself I can get a nearly new model with low miles civic, or a higher mileage, older TT. I do miss it for sure.

I'm having problems starting my 02' Audi tt. Help please

Not specified. A dead or dying battery shouldn't even let the car turn over, right? If so, go to autoparts store, get the codes and post them. Aug Location: After that: Spark plugs — With the weak coil packs that these cars have, and the high boost pressures that they run, the spark plugs are very important. PH Fleet: Hi I have an Audi TT bhp 04 plate I'm just wondering what the problem could be the time in belt slipped off but no y I was driving it so had the timing belt changed an it will start up but cuts out what can the problem be.

Have you desturbed anything when fitting the EGT sensor, like the engine coolant temps sensor or any other connectors. Ok I will have a check an see if there's any leaks if there's no leaks what could the problem be?

Funny thing is I found this page researching problems later on in the life of the mk1 cause I now I live in the burbs and need a reliable good on gas awd commute to the city car and that tt popped right into mind.

This is not a pleasant job and in hindsight better done with no fuel left in the tank and very fiddly. Spark plugs were for sure 4 Coolant sensor?

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Engine Size see all. Vendor Directory. I might just start replacing parts and hoping. If it moved, then you have a bad coil.

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This is now running into either fuel or spark or something electrical. LOL — Great comment Hazen! Cookie Policy. V6 present.

I sat for 5 minutes in the driver seat and was totally hooked from there on. TT would only have one.