Supervision Requirements for Certification

Supervision is one of many tools professionals have to assure the quality of service delivery. Learning about the foundations of gerontology will introduces students to the conceptual and theoretical perspectives on aging within multidisciplinary frameworks. Careers in Aging Life Care.

Nurse Case Manager Certifications

Exam Preparation Read through our guide on how to prepare for an exam. This growth is projected to occur for many reasons, such as the growing rate of chronic conditions and the aging Baby Boomer populations requiring more healthcare services. You must also be able to show that you have completed 30 hours of case manager continuing education in the same 3 year period. Duties of a Managed Care Nurse.

ACMA : ACM Certification

Managed care focuses on the principles of patient education, wellness, prevention programs, early intervention, and continuity of care including transitional care and post-discharge education aimed at reducing readmissions.

Candidates are tested on the five domains unique to care management. NACCM assures that Care Managers are qualified to perform the full range of care management tasks through a validated, standardized examination. She has served on the board of directors since and was the Executive Director until October 31, These candidates must have an RN Diploma with at least three years of full-time care management experience.

If you want to work in an independent role where you are truly helping people and acting as their advocate, then pursuing this certification is the right move.

Requirements for a Case Management Certification in Texas

Once you are an RN, you will need to look for opportunities where you can work closely with case managers. Recertification If you would like to inquire about the recertification process, please contact the certifying body directly using the information provided above. Managed Care Nurses serve as the liaison between patients, doctors, healthcare providers and Insurance companies. Managed Care Defined.

Documentation of the methods utilized and the content evaluated is required. By contacting the chapter and becoming a member, you can access the career center and add yourself to the talent pool where employers will search for you. Toggle navigation. If you would like to inquire about the recertification process, please contact the certifying body directly using the information provided above.

Number of questions: In order to be eligible, the candidate must be currently employed in the field of care management. Number of questions to pass: Certification is valid for two years from testing date. Additional information and applications for each certification are available on-line: Time allowed: These fields include nursing, counseling, psychology, gerontology, rehabilitation, public health, social work and human services.

Students gain the knowledge needed to provide quality care to clients in hospitals, medical clinics, long-term care facilities and community based homes.

Certified Geriatric Care Manager (CGCM)

Learn more. A study guide is an easy to follow document that will help you prepare for this mastery. After you have the necessary experience and you have taken the appropriate continuing education courses, you can then study for your case management certification exam and become a case manager nurse. The catalyst for the managed care reform was the Health Maintenance Organization Act of , which provided grants and loans for HMOs, overthrew state laws that restricted the development of HMOs, and required employers with 25 or more employees to offer two choices of federally qualified HMOs.

Disease Management, also known as Chronic Condition Management, is geared toward managing expenses and improving the quality of life for persons with long-term conditions.