Superman vs Luffy

Your sibling: The others, while not as over the top, were equally impressed by the object. Like this: I think the blog thought it was spam and sent it there again.

On top of that, the armor weights a ton, and movement can be difficult, sacrificing mobility for durability. It was of an armored figure, he wore mostly grey clothes, over his upper arms, legs, and light green gloves. He does not even have to get into a melee fight. What was your first deviation? Always play videos fullscreen. Sorry, but after googling, I see that you are well known as Lord Ignorant on several pages and forums.

The needle nosed then picked up the pistol Franky was messing with. With Luffy you can bet that he will not get hit unless he wills it to be so. Change Password. Boomstick said, "It's time for a death battle!

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Luffy runs so fast the ground catches fire. One scene was comedy, the other was serious. Luffy has his Gear 2 and his speed is also pretty intense. I am as honest a debater as you will ever find so if I say something then it must be true.

Share this: Usopp nodded and said, "Yeah. Boba points his EE-3 carbine at Samus and says, "Should have covered your trail better, rookie. Feats Has been successful in many different assassinations Has killed multiple jedi Survived the Sarlacc multiple times Battled Vader to a stand still Dueled Mace Windu to a standstill at age twelve Wiz explained, "He's successfully taken out multiple jedi and politicians, usually fighting well trained soldiers along the way using all these tools and some impressive cunning.

{ENS} Sweet&Slow. NatsuXLucy.

I really appreciated!! So far, you provide no feats except assumptions that are, in debate, worth jack. Still they were interested in the bird DNA thing. Bad mistake on his part. If you can argue that luffy is both light speed and has greater durability than superman, then where is your evidence?