Govt doesn’t recognise my dad’s sacrifices — Isaac Boro’s daughter

Govt doesn’t recognise my dad’s sacrifices — Isaac Boro’s daughter – Punch Newspapers

Isaac Jasper Boro was born to a Kaiama family in present day Bayelsa State of Nigeria, in and died in mysterious circumstances on May 16, while fighting to unite Nigeria. Neither a private nor major can have direct communication with Army Head Quarters no matter howbrave, popular, or agrieved.

The fortunes of the 3 Marine Commando dwindled after Boro's deathwhich led to the replacement of Adekunle with Obasanjo. He was buried nationally at the Ikoyi Cemetery in Lagos. It was in Maroko that I saw him last.

He was back stabbed by the same people who have ganged up against Jonathan. Later, I decided to study Nursing. I groomed newly trained nurses from the school of nursing in Tombia, Bayelsa. Last night, I was telling my sister Amaebi who is not a subscriber to Ijawnation about all the write-ups on this forum about Isaac Adaka Boro and we started reminiscing about the man we knew and sometimes lived with when we were children.

He was a hero for all the minorities. Star Wars: IMDb Everywhere.

Col Yakubu Gowon's government and later commissioned by the Nigerian Army as an officer to help liberate southern territories under Biafran control. He passed on with his young cousin Nottingham Dick. They sat opposite each other in our living room and glared at each other. He was a graduate a radical political conscious person which means he didn't attend Sandhurst like most other army ppl back then army ppl back then are not known to be graduates.

Add Comment. Oriola, Temitope B. We have seen how people, group of persons are being recognised. But since you asked to know how Boro died, I am going to tell you and other members all what I know about the whole saga because I knew Boro, was in a theater close to where he died, and the aftermath of his death.

The picture of who killed him and under what circumstance is there. Alani Akinrinade; and it shocked everybody both Ijaws and non Ijaws. It was a loss not only to Ijaws but to all Nigerians because the crowd was made up of all tribes. They declared the Niger Delta Republic on February 23, and fought with federal forces for twelve days before being defeated.

How many of his colleagues in the struggle are still alive? MobilePunch , BBM: Meanwhile, Evans, the most brilliant and notorious kidnapper is making news in Nigeria.

As of that time, he was the most enlightened one. They do not. The central aim of the struggle was to ensure the development of the entire Niger Delta region. What kind of celebration? The Politics of Kidnapping Oil Workers.