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How to Make Purple Yam (Ube) - for Cake or Bread Filling Recipe - Snapguide

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Optional topping includes browned grated coconut or condensed milk. Condition New.

Notify me of new comments via email. Boy Bawang Chili Cheese Cornick. So how do they differ in interpreting the classic? Cook Time: But somehow I had to summon up enough courage and give Hopia a go because a special lady, named Shirley, asked for it after she tried the Ensaymada recipe I posted here some time ago and I am really glad she liked it..

Calories Calories from Fat They also sell lots of other native delicacies that will surely satisfy. Like this: Using a hand mixer or with your hand, mix the ingredients that the shortening or lard are cut into small pieces and covered with flour.

Now roll it back to its original size and then repeat the three-fold process.