Finding and arranging social care

When dealing with social services Be patient. May These reviews will look at what has happened since the last time and if the plan is working and whether it needs to be changed. It is your responsibility if you are the referrer to ensure your concerns are raised and that you are given the reasons for the decisions made.

SCIE: Introduction tochildren's social care - Child protection procedures

You might be pleasantly surprised by the variety of help on offer and the quality of the information and support you can access. CSC — together with the Police Child Abuse Investigation team — will decide if the threshold for a child protection investigation see Section 47 below has been met.

The court will appoint a Guardian for the child from CAFCASS a Guardian in this context means someone who looks after their interests in the case, not somebody who takes over their care. These public services aim to create more effective organizations, build stronger communities, and promote equality and opportunity.

If you have received a letter that says this, it is very important that you look for a Solicitor as soon as you can. The child should be allocated a qualified and experienced social worker and a Section 46 Enquiry commenced in line with these procedures.

Social Services will be worried that the children are suffering from one or more of these, or they are worried that the children might suffer from one or more of these if they were to stay where they are. Where someone is sexually abusing a child, or putting the child at risk of being sexually abused, and this is either you, or someone you know, and you are not protecting your child from this.

Physical Abuse: Order your free copy today, and discover hundreds of life-changing products and gifts, at your fingertips. Be open to suggestions from the Local Authority about what you need to do. What do you think about SCIE's work? You and your agency may also take part in the child protection processes conferences and meetings as a source of protection and information for a child on a protection plan.

Information Gathering and Sharing 2. Where can I find information about Community Safety? Everybody needs a little help sometimes. Menu Close menu. These hearings typically take days rather than hours, but it depends on the case. It often feels like they are just concentrating on the bad things, and telling you that you are a bad parent, and not looking at any of the good things that you do.

At the meeting they will go through the letter and will talk about what they are concerned about. They will then decide whether they need to stay involved with the family to continue to monitor things, or if they will close their file. Who can provide care to me in my own home? They could decide: This means that there will be other meetings like this and your solicitor should go with you.

Usually when the court makes a care order the children will live with foster carers, but in some cases they might remain at home or with a family member such as a grandparent. They will start the meeting and will write down what everyone is saying. If they tell you to seek help from counselling or therapy or classes, you should consider this.