Poet and lead singer for the Doors, died at 27 from heart failure, possibly alcohol or drug related. Billed along with Janis Joplin and Jimi.

Actors and actresses that were dead before they were of the public in , it was all too easy to tag him as a "pretty boy" and an actor of little depth.

Home teams chose which ball to use during the game, and would select a ball that played to their strengths—a lively one if they had strong.

In Major League Baseball, the 3, hit club is an informal term applied . Currently, only two players have made the 4, hit club - Pete Rose.

But Bollywood is full of mysterious deaths of actors who died at a young age before we could even realize their loss. These Bollywood celebs.

He was married to Nancy Ludwig. He died on August 6, in Manhattan,. As a young aspiring actress, she met and fell for young, handsome, aspiring.

Didn't make 40, died too young. by kamcgregor created - 13 Mar updated - 26 Oct Public. Actors and actresses that were dead before they were.

John Ernst Steinbeck Jr was an American author. He won the Nobel Prize in Literature His father, John Ernst Steinbeck (–), served as Monterey County treasurer. . of classless and usually homeless young men in Monterey after World War I, just .. Their correspondence continued until Steinbeck's death .

Taruni, a talented little child, who played much beyond her years, cute, confident and so immensely lovable. My prayers Bollywood celebrities who died young.

The NRL must pay tribute to the rugby league players who have died In , James Ackerman, Eddie Hei Hei and Zane Purcell have died during or the field with than his own nerves on one of the biggest days of his life.