Top definition. tks tks is an abbreviation for the commonly used term "tha knows " - originating from the heart of yorkshire, dating back through the years, with.

Top definition "I just made a thousand dollars flipping a brick, I'm NBA" First the NBA, which has the top professional male players in the league; second the.

Short for "how are you"; used by the illiterate Internet masses. Top definition. hruinternet. Short for "how Get the mug. Get a hru mug for your sister Helena. 2.

Loading Top definition. asf unknown. A wrong way slang word often used in text messages or any other messaging device. ''asf am i gonna bother doing my homework the teacher can shove it up my kush bindah''. #af#kush#bindah#kush .

A type of camera, usually expensive, meaning Single Lens Reflex. unlike cheaper cameras that do not do this. cheaper cameras usally havea little hole that.

The pound sign or hashtag is visually represented by the symbol '#', and by placing the symbol in front of a word (or series of words) on a social.

in energy. Should not be used too liberally or it will lose it's powerful connotations. Can also use the word hup to just mean hook-up, such as "I'd hup him!".

Top definition. acc "Just uploaded a new post on my Instagram acc go check it out" It turned out that he was acc. going out with three girls at the same time.

Top definition That kid is lurking, but he is a lot of fun outside of class. Adj. A nigga who screen shots other people's posts on Instagram and sends them to.

Top definition. GTL unknown "gtl is the way of life baby. gym tanning laundry. "This is how we take care of business to look fresh you gotta do gtl time.".