The Light Heavyweight Title was known as the Middleweight Title prior to UFC 31 (May 4, ). The Pride.

The World Heavyweight Championship was brought to Raw by former General Manager Eric Bischoff after WWE Champion Brock Lesnar became exclusive to.

This is a list of current world boxing champions. Since at least John L. Sullivan, in the late 19th century, there have been world champions in professional boxing. The first of today's organizations to award a world title was the World Boxing According to WBA championship rules, when a champion also holds a title of one of.

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For a full list of American college football rules, see the NCAA website: the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) and Football Championship Subdivision (FCS).

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A weight class is a measurement weight range for boxers. The lower limit of a weight class is At major events such as boxing at the Olympics, there is a limit of one boxer per country In , the Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue said the limit for a "light weight" was 12 stone ( lb, kg) while Sportsman's Slang the.

Championships are awarded to dogs who have passed through a process of selection at dog For the Kennel Club (UK) championship, a dog must gain 3 Challenge Certificates (CCs) from three different judges, one of which must be.

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