What vegetables are best for budgies & how often can I feed fresh produce?

Apr 28, I haven't actually followed his instructions, I just can't bring myself to do it.

An imbalanced or incomplete diet is a common problem with pet birds and is a relatively common cause of illness. W www. Package Dimensions: These greens contain oxalic acid, which bind to calcium in the digestive system and can cause deficiencies.

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Birds can also be offered small amounts of lean well-cooked meat and poultry and cooked eggs. Co-Authored By:. This is because most seed mixes do not provide sufficient nutrients your bird needs and can cause cancer, obesity, and other health problems.

You can use the local yellow pages, an online search, or http: But if they did not have that advantage, it does time, patience and persistence! Variety will entice your budgie to try new foods and ensure he or she receives complete and balanced nutrition.

Dangerous Foods Chocolate and avocado are both deadly for birds, so don't offer your parakeet a taste of your candy bar or guacamole even if he seems interested. Add a photo Upload error. Thanks guys Edited October 16, by Neat.

At night, cover the cage for security and keep a night-light on. Security Check Required.

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Furthermore, when procuring branches to use as perches, you must disinfect them properly. It seems slightly touched. Simply cut back for a day or two until the droppings are back to normal.

If your bird is not readily accepting new foods , try offering them early in the morning or in the evening, times when birds naturally forage for food in the wild. Other foods that can potentially cause illness in birds include raw beans, fruit pits, eggplant, potatoes, tomato leaves, rhubarb leaves and nutmeg.

He will only eat them served in certain ways though - with anything leafy like spinach he likes it hung up. Only limited amounts of spinach, chard, or beet greens should be fed to your bird no more than leaf per week. To ensure that your budgie is getting enough exercise, take your budgie s out of the cage once a day to allow them some time to fly and run about. You should watch the consistency of your budgie's stool.

Remember that most freshly prepared foods will spoil readily, and should be removed from the cage after a couple of hours.

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In this way, the colors could be seen inside the mix and hopefully entice you to buy this product. Feed your budgie grains.

Fruits need to be added to their diet as well. The list below includes some common herbs that you can feed to your pet budgerigar. I randomly pick one for the day and offer it to them inside their cage.