Understanding the ‘What Design Can Do’ challenge

Many people eat one meal a day, and even that not daily. The house will then resemble a lab, in which we are the studied subjects.

Joy Nestor, joy. The challenge of What Design Can Do can help us to reach other audiences.

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What Design Can Do and its partners provide research, design briefings, coaching, promotion and presentation. We found this a really powerful approach to let people empathise with an unknown situation.

That is what design should do. Design can be a catalyst in that encounter. It is interesting to see that many of the contestants had clearly immersed themselves in the issue and took the complexity of the situation into account in their designs.

The What Design Can Do Clean Energy Challenge - Nairobi Edition! — The Nest Collective

They are a bunch of designers who came together because they realized that design is about form meeting function for optimal efficiency and optimal problem solving, and so it is a holistic ideology, not necessarily only linked to art. Where can people begin? The deadline to submit an idea to the Challenge is 20 May. To store winter for use in the summer is as unexpected as magic. A good idea is enough.

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Jorge Pardo and Milena Muzquiz May 14, 0. More resources were put into a six month acceleration programme to boost the ideas of the finalists. The winners are innovative, practical, scaleable, affordable, and easily communicated.

Finally, between July and July , they will get a chance to work towards implementation and plan the marketing of the ideas. Who or what is WDCD? Energy is crucial for our daily survival and development. Sharing a meal is a good start for a conversation about where our food comes from and how the land where it is produced can best be used and revitalised. This is a greenhouse that apart from food also harvests energy from the sun.

What Design Can Do: Climate Action Challenge A Lab

Heatwaves make thousands of victims in slums. WDCD have hosted a bunch of challenges since , and this is the first one that Nairobi has been invited to take part in. How can we develop products and services for a world in which age does not matter?

For more information on Autodesk Foundation, please contact: Organisations and companies who want to include design and design thinking methods in their toolbox can work with a selected group of designers.

Is there a strong team that can see the solution through? Each of the five projects will receive 10 Euros and enter an acceleration programme. This university along the slopes of the Himalayas in Nepal encourages its students to learn from local farmers about the deep physical and biological diversity of the landscape.