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Copy the vCard file to your Android.

How to transfer ‘Contacts’ from one iPhone to anot - Telstra Crowdsupport -

September 10, at 8: Following method 2: Here are the steps: Sign into iCloud on your computer as you would normally and click Contacts. Now I am just hoping that the similarity-algorhythm of Apple works without merging different but similarly named contacts…. Step 3: The screen will automatically appear after the installation. Mike says: Great article.

Heather Dugdale says: This was the final step. Here are the instructions from Apple about merging contacts — https: Aziz Byari says: This begins the syncing process, which may take a moment or two.

Move “On My iPhone” Contacts to iCloud

Do you have a Mac? Omar Elnagar says: Mac App Store Speciality level out of ten: Here is the chronology of how to proceed. Thanks for your help. Posted 6 days ago — By Jon Martindale.

Transfer iPhone contacts to iCloud or Mac - Ask Different

Click on the Gmail logo, located at the top left corner of your dashboard. The only problem I have now is merging the contacts, I have double the amount now. Part 4: After that, select the restore option from iCloud backup.

We might feel that it is tough to transfer data from an iPhone to other devices, but this application has made it easy. As demonstrated by the image below, the VCF file allows you to either select specific contacts to import to your list, or add the entire address book with the Add All X Contacts tab.

December 12, at Access iCloud on Android 4. The methods to make such transfers are based on leveraging these authorized spaces. October 17, at 7: Fortunately, we have some step-by-step solutions for you.

How to copy iPhone contacts to iCloud?

January 1, at 5: If the number of contacts you want exceed ten, then this obviously is not your place to go. Steven Garrison says: If it is more than , you may need to get the Pro version of the My Contacts Backup app. It worked. Erik Rostad says: Posted 4 hours ago — By Andy Boxall.