Good and sharp and the short length is perfect for shallow cuts. Alloy blade, carbon steel handle.

Miniature Pattern Copying Using Amana Tool Industrial Miniature Flush Trim Plunge Template Bits

January 10, The template must be securely fastened to the workpiece. View entire catalog. Another pass may be needed to smooth out a rough spot. Purchased 11 months ago. MDF or particle board flush to the substrate. The router and template is as close as I get to high tech duplication.

How to Use Router Templates and Bearing Guides

Whichever bit you use, ease the workpiece into the bit until it contacts the pilot, then move the piece from right to left. David M on Aug 24, This type of cookie gives us anonymous information about which pages are popular, where the visitors came from, how our different advertising mediums perform, etc.

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William C. Photo 1. About Us. January 25, It worked just fine.

Template Routing

Must Have Router Bits: I spoke to Rockler to see if I could purchase a replacement bearing. Pausing too long in any spot will cause excess heat and can burn the wood. Very sharp. The cutting edges are exactly lined up with a bearing, so that an exact copy of a piece can be cut.

How to Use Router Templates and Bearing Guides how-tos DIY

I am referring to the folks who carved patterns by hand, before the age of computers. Sign Up for More No Thanks. All rights reserved.