KMEL’s Sana G hip-hops over early bumps

They are entertainers who have figured out they can have enormous success marketing a certain style to a community that wholeheartedly supports them without speaking up and demanding more from them.. DC Hits on Queen Latifah getting an honorary doctorate, Amazon announces Prime members will get new discounts at Whole Foods markets, and how John Travolta dancing on stage with 50 cent is one of the most random things we've ever seen.

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In DC you have the very popular GoGo music genre limited to late night after midnight airplay on weekend nights. From that time on, she says, she received a chilly reception at KMEL: In addition, you also have a certain age range of people who are likely to call and request a song.

The former topped the Hot for weeks while the latter peaked at number two. Clean Get Out. You can be sure they will follow this up.

They produce records that many of us who are also part of the larger family play on radio and TV. The word was out that NY rappers best beware..

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Kennedy says he ended up giving most of them away, but he still paid Johnson several thousand dollars per mixtape, with the unspoken understanding that Johnson would give special consideration to the label accounts Kennedy was working. Cyril says the station allowed local artists little airtime, and promoted music that tended to criminalize its primary listeners: Going back to the Webbie scenario, Radio execs will tell you that an artist gets played because of record sales or requests.

I had several Palestinian youths as guest who explained what was going on and gave us a great rundown on the historic conflict in the Middle East. And again in many markets you have to be member of the major label club to even have your money, favors or resources accepted.

The Vibe on the streets out here in the Bay Area has been one of frustration.. The list goes on and on.. Check out the Web site gayhiphop. Are you guilty of it She noted that it played into the model minority myth that was impacting a lot of Asian communities and it also added to this pervasive perception of them being an invisible group of people.

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DC Hits on a lot of the Get Out fan theories, on a man that made his own meal at Waffle House while employees where sleeping, and talks about family and friends of the 'Ghost Ship' fire victims coming together. Additionally, hyphy was frequently linked to illegal sideshows, and there were reports of violence at concerts and clubs. Station executives will gladly tell you that they look at a variety of factors including purchasing data and trends, call out research and requests.

KMEL suffered a setback in ratings between and Dont get it twisted, I like the mix tape dee-jays, but there needs to be a balance between that and regular radio.