Washington's San Juan Island is best place to see -- and sing to -- orcas

What a wonderful way t On the way down Several parks on San Juan Island provide ample parking and trails so that you can enjoy watching whales and other marine life from shore.

Written by Ivan Our season has ended! Quick Tips: Purchase Gift Card. From the Western Explorer: What a terrif We first got to see a Gray whale i Debido a los cambios constantes de la naturaleza, cada viaje es distinto. Several pods of orcas spend most of the summer in the Salish Sea, making it highly possible to see an orca in the wild during a visit to the San Juan Islands. Guide services see below offer three-hour, full day and multiday trips. Most tour companies are based in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island, but there are also a few outfits on Orcas Island, as well as a couple in Anacortes on the mainland.

See our boat charter page. The best place to camp on San Juan Island.

Washington's San Juan Island is best place to see -- and sing to -- orcas - auxilioparadesastres.com

What a day. Our day started with an abundance of sunshine with hardly any wind. Because orcas hunt in pods, or packs of as many as 40 whales, chances are if you see one orca, you'll get to see many more. It was a day of non-stop wildlife, wild beauty and wild water on Tuesday.

Follow the Whale Trail

This afternoon we had a great encounter with a large number of Southern Resident Orcas, al Inventive international cuisine that goes heavy on the organic and local. I appreciate your optimism and generosity. Columbia River The Columbia River used to be a reliable source of food for the southern resident orcas, but over the last century dams and overfishing and significantly decreased the historically huge salmon runs.

May 18, June 18, I myself have seen orca close by many times from the first two parks and also from American Camp National Monument but less often which is also here on San Juan. April 7, We did not have any whal Time your adventure carefully during the whale-watching season to maximize your chances of seeing plenty of orcas.

Coast Salish tribes folded them into their mythology; some believed orcas to be reincarnated tribal chiefs. We got to see a bit Some years, the orcas show up for the concert, others, they do not. October 5,