Military Time Converter

Unless you grew up in the military household, you are likely not familiar with the way the military tells time.

This simple means that it is 18 hours and 0 minutes after midnight. JJ Janice Jacobs Jan 31, Choose a video to embed.

Standard to Military Time

Military time utilizes a rather special two-digit number to identify each of the twenty-four hours in a day so a. Session Record Score: For example, hours is 2 p. Note that using "hours" is optional. However, they are interesting and I am getting some insights that I never had while I was in school myself.

When it comes to operational matters such as communications, training exercises, deployments, ship movements aircraft flights, etc.

Telling Time the Military Way

The formats used to express time are:. Military Time: Occasionally encounter time written in a format that appears to use minutes larger than 59 for example 7: Since we know now how to convert hours and minutes in military time format to standard time format separately, we can convert military time to standard time as a whole now.

SC Sonny Celli Apr 18, Date and Time: Normal Time Midnight Mental Math Filed to: Warnings Be aware that military time is not the same as hour time.

Thorin Klosowski. If you're looking at a time less than , then you know you're working with numbers from midnight until noon. Military Time 12 Hour Time.

Converting from UTC to AM/PM: for both standard and daylight saving time

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For example: However, the military operates off a hour clock, beginning at midnight which is hours. Many times people use the first to denote a day ending, and the second to denote a day beginning. Time Zone Conversion: I learned so much.

Learn how to write the hours from midnight until noon in military time. But prompted by your comments, I found an interesting reference on this topic: Even though both time systems are divided into 24 hours, there are some differences. For instance, during the Middle Watch you would hear the the following: Military Time or hours or hours or hours or hours or hours or hours or hours or hours or hours or hours or hours or hours or hours or hours or hours or hours or hours or hours or hours or hours or hours or hours or hours or hours.

This helps me understand it better. This is called "Zero Hundred Hours.

Military Time Chart - All 24 Hour Clock Conversions

Here you can find an easy to use printable military time chart. Thanks for letting us know. It is time measured in bells.